Bridgerton's Bath: A Walking Tour of the Famous Streets

The Netflix phenomenon Bridgerton is intrinsically linked with Bath as so many of the historic backdrops were shot in the Regency city. 

Anyone who’s visited, will undoubtedly watch the show with one eye ready to spot the famous crescents, buildings and streets so if you’re planning on visiting Bath and want to check-out the Bridgerton shooting locations, we’ve created a walking tour of the top spots. 

Bridgerton’s Iconic Bath Locations


Stop One: The Royal Crescent

Approx. 7 minute walk from The Yard in Bath 

This majestic crescent of houses and green, built between 1767 and 1775, is a quintessential Bath sight. In Bridgerton, number 1 Royal Crescent stands in for the Featherington family’s stately home, a deviation from the book’s London setting. The production team further enhanced the setting by adding decorative flourishes, such as a pair of stone lions and ornately carved pediments and rosettes to really capture the families taste. 

Private guided tours of No. 1 Royal Crescent are available for £17 per person. For inquiries and bookings, please contact

Stop Two: Abbey Green

Approx. 15 minute walk from The Royal Crescent 

Nestled near Bath Abbey, this picturesque square is where you’ll find the Modiste clothing shop in the series. Both the interior and exterior of the building were used for filming. Those visiting Bath can pop into the Abbey Deli for a delicious treat, or even have a Madame Delacroix Afternoon Tea at The Modiste.

Stop Three: The Assembly Rooms

Approx. 2 minute walk from Abbey Green

The lavish social gatherings of the Ton in the Bridgerton series were filmed at the magnificent Assembly Rooms in Bath. This historic venue, originally a tea room and ballroom, has hosted events since the 1800s and offers a glimpse into the grandeur of Regency society. When not in use for filming or private functions, you can visit for free and take in the splendor.

Stop Four: The Holburne Museum

Approx. 10 minute walk from The Assembly Rooms 

Bridgerton fans will recognise the exterior of this 18th-century building as Lady Danbury’s property. This Grade I listed building, the city’s first public art gallery, appears in season one, episode one. Founded by Sir William Holburne, a wealthy naval officer, the museum boasts an impressive collection of art. After exploring the museum, consider relaxing at the Garden Café, a delightful spot to unwind.

Stop Five: Bath Street

Approx. 10 minute walk from The Holbourne Museum 

Keen-eyed viewers might recognise Bath Street from the very first episode, where the Duke of Hastings makes his grand entrance. This street, in reality, portrays Mayfair in London and is also home to Bath’s famous Thermae Bath Spa, a perfect spot to unwind after your Bridgerton tour.

Bridgerton’s Legacy

Bridgerton’s success has sparked renewed interest in Bath’s rich history and architectural beauty. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply love a touch of Regency romance, a visit to Bath promises a captivating journey into the world of Bridgerton.