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When planning a trip, most of us instinctively turn to the familiar names of large hotel chains because we know them well and have likely stayed in one previously. But for those looking for a truly unique and personalised experience, a hidden gem awaits: the boutique hotel.

Boutique vs. Big Brands: What’s the Difference?

Unlike their large-scale counterparts, boutique hotels are intimate affairs, typically boasting less than 50 rooms. This translates to a distinctly personal touch. Forget cookie-cutter decor and generic service – boutique hotels prioritise creating an atmosphere that reflects the local culture and caters to a specific clientele.

Stepping into a Story

Imagine yourself in Bath, a city famed for its Roman history and Georgian architecture. A quintessential boutique hotel wouldn’t just be a place to sleep; it would become an extension of the city’s rich culture. Think private rooftop terraces and light filled sash windows. Or decadent roll top baths and stone fireplaces.

A Curated Experience

Boutique hotels take pride in offering curated experiences that go beyond just a room. Picture a locally-sourced breakfast spread featuring artisan bread and jams from local suppliers, rather than the usual mass breakfast buffet. Many of the staff in boutique hotels are not just staff members, but local experts ready to recommend hidden gems unseen by tourist crowds.

Design with Distinction

Boutique hotels are a haven for design enthusiasts. Gone are the predictable interiors of large chains. Each boutique hotel is an artistic canvas, showcasing a unique aesthetic that reflects the property’s personality.  In Bath, this could mean anything from a classic Georgian townhouse meticulously restored to a contemporary space featuring statement art pieces from local galleries.

Beyond Bath: Boutique Hotels for Every Traveller

The beauty of boutique hotels lies in their diversity. Whether you crave a minimalist haven in a bustling city or a rustic retreat tucked away in the countryside, there’s a boutique hotel waiting to be discovered. So, next time you’re planning a trip, consider stepping outside the realm of big brands and embrace the charm, character, and personalised service that only a boutique hotel can offer.

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